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Intelligent manufacturing quality Win the futureHigh-tech enterprises focusing on lightning protection products have passed the inspection of authoritative machinery such as Beijing Lightning Protection and Testing Center.

social responsibility

Protect the environment and pursue the harmony between enterprise growth and social development. Committed to providing more safe, convenient and efficient lightning protection power for the power industry!

Large-scale production

The company attaches importance to the use of automated machinery and equipment, and persists in the implementation of "automation + Internet + Lean Production" to ensure that the surge protector is qualified.

Overall Solution of Lightning Protection

Regardless of the protection of industrial field equipment, lightning protection of large-scale systems, on-site instrumentation, power grid, rail transit, or coal mine and other new energy systems, Leiyue Electric provides you with perfect solutions with rich experience.

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Shanghai LEEYEE Electric Co., Ltd.

Shanghai LEEYEE Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional commitment to lightning protection product development, manufacturing, sales of high-tech enterprises. Founded six years ago, the spirit of "technology and development, quality and brand" principle, and constantly promote the development of lightning protection technology, products are widely used in building, power, telecommunications, complete sets of equipment, automatic control and other fields, and exported to all over the world.

SolutionProducts are widely used in construction, power, telecommunications, complete sets of equipment, automatic control and other fields.